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Forums Volunteering Protection, Security, Wellbeing and Psychosocial Support Thinking of trying ivermectin for COVID?

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      kimberly minahen

        Despite this, local pharmacies have noticed a rise in ivermectin demand from those looking for a COVID treatment.

        Ivermectin has been given the go-ahead in Australia to treat human parasite infestations. In order to cure and prevent parasite infections, it is also commonly utilized in veterinary medicine.

        However, you may only obtain ivermectin legally in Australia with a doctor’s consent because it is a human drug that must be obtained by prescription only (schedule 4).

        This is due to the fact that ivermectin is not entirely safe, like all drugs. Ivermectin does have potential negative side effects, thus a doctor’s expertise is required to determine whether it is safe and appropriate for each patient. Many people ask where to buy ivermectin, many online pharmacies are sale ivermectin online.

        Ivermectin is presently only advised for use in clinical trials, where individuals may be more safely chosen and meticulously observed, to treat and prevent COVID-19.

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